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    You may have noticed that the WBN blog (as well as WBN itself, and WBN on Twitter, WBN on Facebook, etc.) has been pretty dark lately. The WBN powers-that-(W)be(N) were called out of town unexpectedly, but we’re back now and ready to limp sprint down the 2011 homestretch.

    One problem with an eight-day hiatus is that I couldn’t do my standard begging/pleading for blog posts. So here it is. Ready?

    (Are you sure you’re ready? Because here it comes.)

    Send us blog posts, please.

    I’m talkin’ like 400-600 words. I’m talkin’ anything about writin’, anything about readin’. I’m talkin’ bylines, author photos and bios. I’m talkin’ reader interaction. Wanna write about your writing process? Bring it. Wanna rant about the latest Bestseller list? Rant to us. Wanna just lay down your list of favorite writing spots, favorite writers/books, favorite alcoholic beverages to help ease the writer’s block? Favorite East Austin writing centers? Then lay it down.

    You’re free to query/pitch me, or send completed posts with author headshot and brief bio to david@writebynight.net.

    As examples of what we’re looking for, here are a few recent posts we’ve enjoyed and have brought a good amount of audience response:

    Spooky Stories: Jenna Cooper on some freaky-deaky Halloween reads.

    The Book Wasn’t Better: Sarah Rodriguez Pratt drops some knowledge about a few narratives that worked better on the screen than on the page. (Including The Princess Bride and Wonder Boys.)

    A Mid-Month Defense of NaNoWriMo: Jeff Questad stands up for his fellow NaNoers and takes to task some NaNo-haters.

    Are You Hiring a Ghostwriter or a Slave?: Laura Roberts rants about people who want writers to work for free.

    Pour, Pour Writers: In which I throw a hissy fit about writers who foul up my day.

    So there’s a good place to start. Feel free to write me with questions, and thanks for making the WBN blog such a pleasure to run.


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