• Micro Fiction Challenge: Franchise Results

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    After a week of very little action, some good micro fiction started coming in for our current Micro Fiction Challenge, Franchise. This time we even took it to the streets, offering y’all a chance to vote for your faves on Facebook. The popular vote (by one) went to Sarah’s story, which reads “One man’s wilderness is another man’s franchise.” (We enjoy Sarah on Twitter.)

    Unfortunately we have a weird election system in this country in which a candidate can win the popular vote but lose the election. And that’s what has happened here. The winner of this week’s Micro Fiction Challenge, and hence a gift card to a franchise of his/her choice, is … J Sommers, who really brought it home with the following:

    “Where ya headed, Fran Chise?” I asked her.
    “Why, to vote!” she said.
    “No you’re not,” I replied. “It’s still 1919.”

    Congratulations, J. If you live in Austin, come by during open hours and we’ll talk. If not, send an email to info@writebynight.net and we’ll get your prize out to you.

    Thanks for participating, y’all, and check this space tomorrow for the next Micro Fiction Challenge.


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