• Fiction Seminars, Kony2012, & Possibly Some Head-Shaving

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    We have so many events coming up it’s just ridiculous. You may as well just bring a sleeping bag and crash at WBN for the next couple of weeks. And bring toilet paper. Not that we don’t have any, but … you know. Who couldn’t use more toilet paper?

    Okay, so this first one isn’t really at WBN. It is, however, in the comfort of your own home. That’s right, gang, WBN is invading your home. Our popular seminar, Pump Up Your Nonfiction With Fiction Techniques, is now a webinar! On Thursday, April 12th from 6:30-8:30 you can listen in as WBN instructor Steve Adams arms you with the necessary tools to pen nonfiction that sings. This is a fully-interactive seminar, meaning that Steve will be presenting live, and you’ll have the chance to provide input and ask questions. For more info on this one-time opportunity, check out our Events page.

    Also, the new Deadliners panel is officially a go. Join us here at WBN on Tuesday, April 17th, for Lessons from Kony2012. Panelists Maira Garcia, Reeve Hamilton, and David Krug will explore the phenomenon that is/was Kony2012, and what journalists can learn from it. As usual, moderator Alex Hannaford will keep everyone on task, there will be opportunity for a Q&A following the panel, and then you’re welcome to stick around WBN for a glass of wine and to hobnob with the panelists. More info at the Deadliners website.

    Two nights later is Leah Kaminsky’s Blackmail Party. Join us at 7:00 to see some (maybe) head shaving, as well as to learn about an exciting new WBN writing accountability tool. And check back here Wednesday for a post from Leah detailing the genesis of this whole head-shaving thing.

    Our next exciting seminar is called The Art of the Sentence, and will take place here at WBN on Tuesday nights in May. WBN instructor Joel Weinbrot will lead attendees on an exploration of the magic and mystery of the sentence, the writer’s frenemy and the building blocks of prose. This offering is part seminar, part workshop; in Sessions 2 and 3, participants will get the chance to have their fiction workshopped by Joel and by their peers. May 8th, 15th, and 22nd (all Tuesdays) from 6:30-8:30 at WBN HQ.

    See the events page for more details on The Art of the Sentence, and for a full listing of WriteByNight and Professional Writers of Austin events.


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    Christopher Savage

    So much going on, guys. I’m really excited about the webinar event and how future webinars will be presented!

    Justine Tal Goldberg

    Me too, Chris!

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