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    If you’re looking for a good story to read this week, here’s one of the finest that we’ve published at Fringe: Tagreid Hassabo’s “The Ghoul That Ate Smiley’s Summer.”

    Stylistically it remind me of Franny Choi’s “Body/Paragraph,” which is probably my favorite Fringe story.

    So there are two good reads for a lazy Thursday. Perhaps one of them should be the next WBN Book Story Club entry?

    And while we’re on the topic of Fringe fiction, consider submitting a story to our inaugural Flash Fiction Contest. Ten bucks gets you the chance to win $350 and publication, and to have your story chosen by Guest Judge Steve Almond. (Here’s an interview I did with Almond after his last book came out.)

    Let us know your thoughts on either of the stories above, and whether you think they’d make good candidates for our next Book Club discussion.


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    Jake Reilly

    “Body/Paragraph” is fly. I would read that for a book/story club.

    Shannon Edgar

    How about both at once? There are some similar themes: the graphics, cultural stereotyping (sort of, in the Ghoul one).

    Does Write By Night publish Fringe?

    David Duhr

    We do not, but I’m an editor there. WBN and Fringe have done a thing or two together in the past (like splitting a table at AWP), but we have no official affiliation.

    Both at once is an interesting idea. Might have to think about that. Thanks for the input, both of you.


    AAAAAAA! Ε έ ου ί έ fan ου Fringe! Έ ε έ ό ο ου ε ό ο ώ εί ου ί ου ου ο ου ε ε ού ! έ ε ε ά ο εί ο , ε ο ο mind blowing saoesn finale ου εί ο έ, ε εί ο Dexter ο saoesn 4. ε ώ ώ ώ o υ ό ε ε ό ο έ ε ού ε ίο ο Peter ( εί Fringe junkie!)

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