• Drunk Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

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    Drunken book reviews? Why haven’t we thought of this before? Our avant-garde friends at Chamber Four are really getting into the podcast groove (The Page Count), and among their latest offerings is a drunken book review of Fifty Shades of Grey, in which the normally teetotaling Aaron Block gets sloppy drunk and tells us what he really thinks of E.L. James and her “mommy porn.”

    Here’s a quick teaser trailer [PG-13, mild language]:



    The full video is still in the works, but if you follow the link above you can listen to Aaron’s review in its entirety. (Which you should do.)

    Up next on their drunken review schedule will be an exploration of … I dunno, some book by the Kardashian people. Maybe this one.

    Discussion questions: Would you like to nominate a title for a C4 drunk review? Let us know below and we’ll pass on the suggestion. Are there any other literary podcasts you enjoy? The Three Percent, for example?



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    The next review is actually the Kardasian classic (Klassic?) “Dollhouse”. It’s been recorded and should be available soon. Next month, we will be reviewing “Heaven is for Real” by Todd Burpo. I was lucky enough to draw that one, and I imagine there is a good possibility my review could get me excommunicated.

    David Duhr

    I still haven’t read my JNR book for C4, Diane Mott Davidson’s “The Cereal Murders,” from her series of food-themed mystery-thrillers. In fact, =ab drew the privilege of reading one of her others, “The Main Corpse.” We planned to read them simultaneously and then film a round-table discussion. Never happened. But now that booze is an option, we might have to take another run at it.

    Laura Roberts

    LOL, great idea! Kind of like “My Drunk Kitchen” but for books?

    I would definitely review any books “written” by reality show stars (i.e. Snooki) while drunk. And pretty much any book with a pink cover. I should’ve reviewed The Vixen Manual drunk, come to think of it…

    David Duhr

    I think it’s something you need to try, Laura. Pick a title, pick up a six-pack, turn the camera on and let it loose.

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