• Doing it in the Mountains or Under the Sea

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    If I had my way, I’d love to have a writing sanctuary that is comprised of a mountain, a bit of ocean (or sea), some nice trees, a chirp or two from the birds, a glass of soothing tea, and maybe even something strange like a BB gun to shoot at local flora (not fauna!) when the occasional I’m-bored-and-don’t-feel-like-trying-to-strangle-words-out phase strikes. Such a sanctuary would provide me with a multitude of stimuli to keep me ever inspired. There’s something about the fresh air, but even more so, about the idea of having a place to get away.

    (More:Your Writing Habitat“)

    Obviously, WriteByNight is a great place for a writing sanctuary. You can come in, plop down on a sofa, drink some free coffee, and get into whatever you’re getting into. The people there are welcoming, and you’ll always be told to come back whenever. So, at least already, you’ve got a writing sanctuary to hang your hat upon.

    However, as in the first paragraph above, if you could design a writing sanctuary all your own, what would you do? How would it look? Like a crystal palace flanked by typewriters? Perhaps it would be just a giant slab of marble where-on you have a throne carved by the teeth of long dead and beloved authors? Maybe something even more ornate/strange. Perhaps your sanctuary would involve a helicopter spinning upside down beneath a waterfall surrounded by wolves howling at your ambiance?

    (More:Writing in the Wild“)

    Write in, guys, with whatever strange fantasy you have for your writing inspiration, and tell us some of the things you do regularly to enforce the idea of sanctuary.


    Christopher Savage is a writer living in Austin. He writes poetry, short stories, non-fiction, film scripts, comic books, and one long novel, among other things. He is the founder of the Boho Coco literary zine and blog and is currently attending UT Austin as a Sociology major, English minor. He is survived by his cat Cashew.




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    Justine Tal Goldberg

    I don’t sanctuary! Except for the fact that I work at WriteByNight 6 out of 7 days a week. So I guess I do sanctuary. What do you know?

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