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    Kurt VonnegutLots of dead writers on Twitter these days: Mark Twain, Emily Dickinson, Shakespeare. Some time back I wondered aloud on Facebook about which deceased writer I’d be most inclined to follow on Twitter, were he/she still alive. My first instinct was Kurt Vonnegut, whose Library of Congress collection I was enjoying at the time. (Note: there are many Vonnegut Twitter accounts.)

    I threw out the question to our followers and got some interesting results. Care to add yours in the comments below? What dead author(s) would you most have enjoyed following on Twitter?

    Your peers say:

    Erin: Shirley Jackson.

    Heather: Dr. Seuss.

    Michelle: Instagram by Anais Nin.

    Steve: Oscar Wilde.

    Heather: Hunter S.

    Kelly: Basho.

    GW: Mark Twain, obviously. Hunter just wouldn’t have made a lot of sense. Mumbling and profane insults need context that doesn’t fit inside 140 characters.

    Leticia: Henry Miller.

    Daniel: Shiki, Chiyo-ni, Basho… or any of the haiku masters. For example: “for love and for hate / I swat a fly and offer it / to an ant”

    Good answers, all. Though none have persuaded me to back off of my original assertion. KV would be the best Tweeter of the bunch, amirite?


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    T.J. Jansen

    Hemingway seems obvious. What joy his drunk tweets would bring…

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