• Micro Fiction Challenge: Catholic Results

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    Our latest Micro Fiction Challenge, using the word catholic, brought in eight entertaining stories, all vying for the prize of a free seat in any of our upcoming seminars and workshops.

    We enjoyed in particular the stories from Keely, Martin Barkley, and Wendi, but as always, we can only choose one winner. And that winner is … new contestant Ashley Stevenson, for the following:

    Cat Holic: “I’ll be Pope when I grow up.” Mother laughs, says, “To Catholics, women don’t count.” Cat says, “President, then.” Her mom replies, “Haha.”

    Congratulations, Ashley, and thanks for the fun and biting story. Drop us a line to claim your prize, and we’ll see you soon. (And if you’re not an Austinite, write us anyway: we have plenty of prizes for out-of-towners.)

    For the rest of you, keep your pencils sharpened for our next Micro Fiction Challenge with new prizes, coming your way soon.


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