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    [NOTE: Submissions are open to non-members and members alike. Anyone who wants to write for our blog is welcome to submit, regardless of membership, age, race, religion, or creed.

    Well, maybe not creed. What the hell is creed?

    Previously unpublished work only, please]

    The last thing we at WBN want is to be thought of as blog hogs. We’re going to be running various online series in 2011, and we want to give (at least a part of) the floor to all of you faithful WriteByNighters. We’re taking blog submissions, and we’re taking them hard. (Whatever that means.)

    By publishing your work with WBN, you’ll make it available to hundreds of devoted followers. And most importantly, you’ll take the pressure off of us to do the writing ourselves. We hate writing!

    Besides, it’s high time we share your talents with the rest of the world.

    At present, we’ll be accepting submissions for the following series:

    Mondays: Writings From a Past Life

    WriteByNighters may have been born with some innate writing ability, but none of us popped out with the immediate capability to write a perfect sentence. We all had to start somewhere, right? And those initial fumblings are an important part of the writers we are today.

    Whether funny or cute or downright wunderkind good, send us your early words and we’ll show them off for you. Explicate your work yourself, if you wish, or have me provide a probing analysis. (An analprobing, if you will.) (Apologies to Tobias Funke.) Poems, short stories, Mother’s Day cards. We’ll take it all. And if I ever figure out how to work our damned scanner, we can even run any accompanying illustrations.

    Wait, that’s not right. If you can figure out how to work your own damned scanner, you can send us your writings/illustrations as a .jpegs and we’ll post ’em that way.


    Tuesdays: Must-Read Books/Writers

    Remember “Must-See TV”? Well, that was ridiculous. Some good shows, sure, but “can’t miss”? Come off it, NBC. I cannot think of anything on TV, ever, that we cannot afford to miss (although Seinfeld came close). But can we say the same for books?

    One of our favorite series on The Rumpus is The Last Book I Loved, so we’re going to steal the idea for ourselves. Let’s face it, most of our ideas are stolen. It’s time we admit it openly.

    Is there an under-the-radar writer or book you think should be … over the radar? A popular writer/book that should be even more popular? A book that meant the world to you as a young reader? Tell us about it in 500 words or less.

    Wednesdays: Grab Bag

    Wednesdays we’ll be running posts about anything under the (writing) sun. Want to vent about an agent? Publish a diatribe about the direction of modern publishing? Slander folks like Dick and Bane? Rant about Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble (yeah, yeah!). Do it here. 400-800 words, give or take. We’ll even publish it anonymously, if you ask us to.

    (And contrary to the above description, we’ll also take posts that aren’t full of venom. Blogging doesn’t have to be angry. Does it?)

    Thursdays: Dear WBN

    Dear WBN will be a space in which to ask us questions about writing, reading, editing, publishing, and procrastinating, which I will do my best to answer in a terse and flippant polite and helpful manner. Send all questions to David@WriteByNight.net, and put “Dear WBN” in the subject line. Starting next week, each Thursday we’ll publish the most interesting questions and answers. Mention in your email whether or not you’d like to be referred to by name. Anonymous questions are more than welcome.


    Send all submissions via email to David@WriteByNight.net, either as attachments or copy/pasted into the body of your email. Provide a press-ready bio (if you wish) and a link to your website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter account … wherever it is you want people to follow you and your words. All posts are subject to editing for space and content (but are likely to be edited only for typpos tipos typoops oh, screw it).

    We’re also accepting videos, so if you want to sit your mug in front of the camera and riff on writing–or read your submissions to us instead of making our readers do all the hard work–then fire away.

    Happy writing, WriteByNighters. Make us proud!

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    So it’s Monday which means “Writings from a Past Life” day, right? I was trying to think about some of the fabulous(?) poems I wrote as a kid but only one jumped right out at me:
    Roses are red.
    Violets are blue.
    Garbage is dumped,
    And so are you.

    I think that one is blog-worthy, no?

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