• Braggy Pants

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    Closing in on halfway through 2013, we figure it’s a good time to check in with y’all on how your writing is going this year, and whether or not you’re hitting those New Years resolutions.

    Have some news to share with us? Care to brag about your project(s)? Want to link to your website so other WBNers can check out your work? Are you on Twitter? Do you have a Facebook fan page?

    Let us know in the comments below. Sound those barbaric yawps.


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    I’m psyched to announce that my first short story, “The Jack-in-the-Box”, has been accepted for publication! It will appear in the next issue of Dark Moon Digest, premiering in June at the World Horror Convention.

    Leah Kaminsky

    After 3.5 years, I’ve finished writing and editing the second draft of my book and have started sending it to agents. Yikes! I’ve also had some of my favorite stories finally placed (listed on my blog http://leahkaminsky.wordpress.com/). Also, I bought a new pair of pants the other day and they fit really well.

    BAM! How’s that for some old fashioned car torn hooting? Also, how is it almost halfway throuh 2013?

    Twitarrrr: @leahkaminsky

    Leah Kaminsky

    Horn. Car horn. And through. Through. Obviously, I don’t deserve to be published anywhere.

    Ava Love Hanna

    Not a bad year so far. I was selected as a cast member for the Listen to Your Mother show: http://www.listentoyourmothershow.com/austin/ I got to be a big ol potty mouth and read my essay, “The Vagina-Mommy Incident” in front of a sold out house. I was then approached by nearly 100 people at the cocktail reception afterward who all wanted to tell me stories about their vaginas. The video will be up on the Listen to Your Mother youtube channel this summer. (Of my performance, not people talking to me about their vaginas… but hey, that’s a great idea…) I’ve… Read more »

    Dacia Rivers

    The good news is that I’ve picked up so many freelance clients this year that I hardly have time to work on my book. So, hooray for paychecks, but boo, I miss fun writing. But now that you’ve reminded me that it’s halfway through the year and my resolution was to get a first draft finished…I feel like I need to find some more time and get serious. Which is difficult for me.

    Twitter = @daciarivers

    J. Sommers

    Have written a draft of 3/4 of my novel since the New Year, so I’m actually ahead of pace on my resolution. (Which leaves me wondering, when/how will I trip up and fall behind?)

    Justine Tal Goldberg

    Fantastic, guys! Really. We’re very very *very* proud of all of you. Keep up the good work and keep on truckin’.

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