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    What to read, oh what to read? It seems a perennial question, even though I’m sure each of us writers out there has one billion plus books piled up on well-meaning shelves, mocking us, begging us to read them, deploring us to give them a shot. Even so, sometimes it seems like one billion plus books is not enough. In times like that, I like to turn to a few stalwart online reading lists online for inspiration about what exactly the hell to read. Here are a few:

    The Pulitzer Prizes (which, I did read Jennifer Egan’s A Visit from the Goon Squad, the winner for 2011, and it was gooood)

    The PEN/Faulkner Awards

    The National Book Awards

    So, that’s just three lists (thanks internet!), of which there are many more online. As for me, I like literature (being a student, I don’t really get much time for junk reading, except for the occasional superhero comic here and there), so those are the lists that appeal to me. But, hey, there’re lists for almost everything out there these days.

    What about you fellow readers? Any particular lists you follow? Link it up, folks. And it doesn’t simply have to be writing lists. How about lists of films, lists of music, visual artists?


    Christopher Savage is a writer living in Austin. He writes poetry, short stories, non-fiction, film scripts, comic books, and one long novel, among other things. He is the founder of the Boho Coco literary zine and blog and is currently attending UT Austin as a Sociology major, English minor. He is survived by his cat Cashew.



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    Melodie Bolt

    I like to ask my favorite writer-friends what they’ve read that was worthwhile.

    Would love your thoughts, please comment.x