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    Seems like every day there’s a new blog about books and/or writing, and I’m wondering how in the hell a reader is supposed to keep up and be able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    So today we’re wondering, what blogs about reading and/or writing do you visit on a daily/weekly basis, and why?

    Besides ours, of course, of course, of course.

    Here are a few of our favorites, if you’re on the lookout for new sites to bookmark:

    Chamber Four: Book reviews and previews, NSFW books-related podcasts, and lots of fun snark and banter.

    The Millions: Lots of interesting reviews and essays, as well as a biannual “Most Anticipated Books” series.

    HTMLGIANT: If you don’t enjoy heated debates and infighting, this place may not be for you. But if you wade through the various rows and spats, you’ll find some interesting stuff from literature’s fringes.

    Moby Lives: If you’re tickled by Amazon bashing, look no further. But this blog, run by the folks at Melville House, offers plenty of book news and other literary folderol, too.

    What other books/writing sites should WBNers take a peek at?

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    Carrie Winters

    I follow Nathan Bransford’s blog, and sometimes look at daily writing prompt sites. Moby Lives looks cool.

    Melynda Nuss

    I’ve been keeping a running list at home. The Exquisite Corpse and American Fiction Notes are as good as anything I’ve seen in print — maybe better. I’d also like to put in a mention for Books are my Boyfriends — an impulse a lot of us have had, I think. (It’s much easier to string several books along than boyfriends of the human kind.) And the blog Blurb is not a Verb makes book publicity almost sound fun.

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