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    Sorry for the lack of posts lately, gang. The WBN brain trust has been in the Northeast, dodging snowballs and lots of pasty-skinned people saying “You live in Texas?! Where are your spurs?”

    But! While we were gone, we heard the news that WriteByNight was named Best Writers’ Resource as a Critics Pick in the Chronicle‘s “Best of Austin 2012” issue. The text reads:

    Writing can be a lonely venture. It takes dedication, questionable amounts of coffee, and a certain insanity to finish a manuscript. It also takes tons of support, and Write By Night provides just that. The writing center has a chilled-out, coffeehouse vibe, with tons of desk space, creative writing workshops, roundtable readings, as well as manuscript consultation and coaching. It’s a great place to meet other local writers. They can also hook you up with good writing groups and accountability buddies. Yes, writers need accountability buddies.

    There’s no doubt that “writing can be a lonely venture,” but it’s far less lonely for us these days, and that’s because so many of you contribute so much to WBN’s air of communal creativity. If a writing resource goes up in a forest but no writers are around to use it, is it still a writing resource?

    So, a great big thank you to all of you.


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    Congrats, guys!

    […] being named “Best Writers’ Resource” in the Chronicle‘s Best Of Austin 2012 […]

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