• Barfing in a Book

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    Sarah Rodriguez Pratt, who wrote here about how she likes her books kept in pristine condition, passes along this link to an advice column where the columnist is asked if it’s okay to vomit in a library book if one doesn’t approve of the book’s contents.

    The question, in part, reads, “Anyway, I don’t feel bad about barfing in a Dr. Sears book. I DO feel bad for the library. I would like to pay to replace it, but that’s another couple bucks in royalties to this massive a-hole!”

    The response begins, “Of course you have to pay for the book you barfed in.”

    Some silly fun for your Friday.

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    Barfing in a book? Whattahell’s wrong with you, woman?

    Naw, I don’t barf in books nor pee in them nor any other excretions either; that’s effing messed up.

    And it doesn’t matter that you’re barfy pregnant. And it doesn’t matter that you just happened to not like the author.

    There’re better ways to register displeasure with content, people.

    Polish up and read some Jonathan Swift. Ever hear of the “Battle of the Books”?

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