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    MemoirA while back on Facebook we asked if any one particular day of the week is bad for your writing production. I figured we’d see a stream of “Monday, Monday, Monday,” but although Monday got its share of votes, some of the other results surprised us.

    How ’bout y’all? If there’s any one day of the week where your creative output lags, which one is it, and why? Let’s figure this shit out in the comments section below.

    The answers of some of your cohorts:

    Valeka: “Fridays are historically my worst writing days. I start thinking towards the weekend and can’t concentrate.”

    Leah: “Friday is pretty bad production-wise, but Monday is terrible for me attitude wise. After a weekend of not writing, I’m totally out of the mode and feel like the worst writer in the world. Takes me until about Tuesday evening to start feeling passable again.”

    Jenny: “Sunday nights are the worst. The anticipation for the rest of the week lingers, stagnant; modest attempts to prepare for the week are a distraction– laundry, lunches, cleaning, press releases, homework. The entire week before and week to come sit on that one damned day. How does anyone get anything done? If we’re being honest, every day truly is the worst writing day. Just substitute Sunday with any given day of the week, and that is my life. God knows the anxiety of Sundays exist in every day. Especially because the articles, press releases, and homework never end; and every writer these days juggles a dozen professions at the same time.”

    Rosemary: Sunday.

    Amanda: Mondays aren’t generally bad writing days for me (no matter how much they may otherwise suck) because they’re the beginning of a new work week and I’m focused on work. Likewise, while Saturdays are generally awesome days because they’re the height of the weekend, they’re usually terrible writing days for me because my mind tends to resist all focus on anything work related (even writing) on Saturdays.

    Laura: “Hmm. Mondays are hard to get back into, after a weekend of ‘fun’ stuff and relaxing, but I definitely agree with the people who’ve said Friday is the hardest. I’m already looking forward to the weekend and my attention is wandering. But honestly, any day that I start off thinking ‘I will write X number of words or pages,’ and start to lag behind my goals is a bad day.”

    Erin: “Since Monday mornings are my own personal deadline for writing another story segment in my blog (meant to sprinkle some fun on a sucky monday) I’m typically in a frantic rush to get it out on time, cramming to get done the night before, and always managing to still miss some horribly obvious error…Monday fail.”


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    Carrie Winters

    Tuesdays. Tuesdays Tuesdays Tuesdays. Why? I do not know. By this point I’m sure it’s just a mental block. (How very writerly!)

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