• Micro Fiction Challenge: Absquatulate Results

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    AbsquatulateThere’s no doubt that “absquatulate” is a fun word to say (and a major pain in the ass to write), but it sure ain’t easy to make a story out of it. Seven brave souls tried, but only one can walk away with the prize, which is a whole mess o’ of free books. Because, as most of you know by now, we’re closing up shop and leaving Austin and will likely be moving into a closet-sized apartment in NYC, and most of our books must go. To that end, we’re also having a fire-sale of the WBN library, so stop in during this week’s open hours (our last ones!) for $2 hardcovers, $1 paperbacks.

    And Mr. Humphrey B. Bardem, if you are an Austinite you’re welcome to stop by this week and grab an armful of freebies, for you are the winner of the Micro Fiction Challenge, Absquatulate version, for the following story:

    The word absquatulate, he thought, was on par with W’s other hick constructions, such as bustify, strategery and misunderestimate, and therefore beyond the literary pale.

    Poor W. He can’t even escape mockery on the WriteByNight blog.

    Thanks for playing, y’all, and tune in next week for another installment of the Micro Fiction Challenge.


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