• ABC: Always Be Closing at Cheer Up Charlie’s

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    The city of Austin is trying to force Cheer Up Charlie’s out of business. To lose a venue so supportive of local live music and other entertainment (including the beloved Five Things) would be a damn shame.

    CUC Ownership says “Please do not call the city and say mean things, we will take responsible organized action.” The best way to prove your support is to just show up. And buy drinks.

    And sign this petition.

    On Thursday night at 7:30 at Charlie’s we’re holding our inaugural WBN Movie Night, with a screening of the David Mamet classic Glengarry Glen Ross and occasional pauses so that Andrew Tilin can lead a conversation about dialogue, plot, character development, and all that other fun stuff. ($10 at the door)

    We’re only able to do something this cool because venues like Cheer Up Charlie’s provide us a forum. And Charlie’s isn’t the only one in danger: When the NIMBYs find a sympathetic ear (and/or wallet), the dominoes start to fall.

    So show up Thursday night to show your support. And show up Tuesday night to show your support. And Wednesday night. And Friday night, and Saturday night, and Sunday night.


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    Shannon Edgar

    I’ll be there. Not because I really like Glengarry Glen Ross (too much yelling and man juice), but because this Cheer Up Charlie’s thing is bullshit and we shouldn’t stand for it.


    Was this cancelled? I showed up and nobody was there…..

    David Duhr

    It was canceled, due to the incident with noise that we wrote about in this post. We decided to shut it down Tuesday and WBN and CUC tried to spread the word as best we could.

    We’re very sorry for the inconvenience. When we find a new venue we’ll post details.

    But thank you for showing up, Juan. I’ve sent you an email as well, with more info.

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