• 21st-Century Books in the 22nd Century

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    We recently asked on Facebook for some contemporary titles that you guys think be taught in classrooms 100 years from now. Below are the results:

    White Noise and Beloved are the two that come to mind immediately. (Jay)

    One Hundred Years of Solitude (Crystal)

    The Help – for literary and historical purposes. (Leah)

    Maybe The Road by Cormac McCarthy? Demonstrates our current obsession with apocalypse. (Laura)

    Sula or any Toni Morrison book. (Heather)

    The Hunger Games. (Amanda)

    This century? Orhan Pamuk’s Snow. Last century? Phillip Roth’s American Pastoral. (Emily)

    The Outsiders by SE Hinton. (Carie)


    Discussion question: How many have you read on this list? Any you disagree with? Any you want to add? Don’t believe that we’ll even be reading books in 22nd-century classrooms?




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