• 2012 Blapup

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    Before we launch into a brand new year of bloggy awesomeness, let’s take a quick peek at some of our 2012 highlights.

    Like, being named “Best Writers’ Resource” in the Chronicle‘s Best Of Austin 2012 issue.

    The Micro Fiction Challenge has proven a fun and creative writing game. Prizes have ranged from cold hard cash to mini golf to the current giveaway, two free hours of solitude at WriteByNight (still up-for-grabs).

    Great Beginnings is also here to stay. Each week we’ll explore and discuss the opening lines of classic literature, both in advance of and after our upcoming seminar “Great Beginnings.”

    The WBN Online Book Club is on a bit of a hiatus, but expect to see it back sometime in 2013.

    Some of 2012’s most popular posts:

    Color My Words,” in which Jacqui Bryant discusses racial labels and authorship.

    In “Worst. Advice. Ever.” Sarah Rodriguez Pratt touches on some of the silliest writing tips she’s ever heard, and readers add their own to the list.

    Jenna Cooper thinks Water For Elephants is overhyped, but not all of our readers agree.

    Leah Kaminsky writes a threepart series on what to do after you get that seemingly-useless MFA in writing; Mike Britt offers his own amusing threepart response.

    In “Writing Tactics For Parents …” Heather Nelson busts out some tips on how to get writing done even while dealing with “poop bonanzas” and other parenting joys.

    Sarah doesn’t much like people who make marks in their books. (Including me!)

    We count off the “10 Worst Literary Valentines.”

    Erica Mena starts a good discussion in “Print vs. Online.”

    A big fat thank you to all of you fine writers and readers for spending some blog time with us this past year.

    But enough reflection! It’s time to look forward to 2013. We are once again open for blog submissions: check out the guidelines, and scan our Best Of section for a sense of what we like. And feel free to pitch me ideas at david[at]writebynight.net


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    “Sarah doesn’t much like people who make marks in their books. (Including me!)”

    I’ve always hated you, Duhr.

    JUST KIDDING. Thanks for including me in the Blapup. Looking forward to writing again for y’all someday…if I can think of another post to write.


    Do it, Sarah! I love your posts. Likewise “Duhr,” (can I call you Duhr?), thanks for including me here. Hooray for WBN in the New Year!

    Carrie Winters

    WTF is “Blapup”? I feel left out.

    David Duhr

    Portmanteau of “blog” and “wrapup.” Coined by my idiot ass last year:


    Now you’re in!

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