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    Our word of the week here at the WriteByNight Micro Fiction Club is “specious,” defined as “apparently good or right though lacking real merit; superficially pleasing or plausible.”

    As usual, your task is to create a 25-word or less piece of fiction using the word. Now that we’re giving away prizes to each week’s winner, we’re expecting big things from you guys. As usual, extra points for making us laugh.

    Keep your story to 25 words or less, include the word “specious,” write it out in the comments section below, click “Notify” to keep abreast of your competition, and feel free to use a pseudonym if you’re shy.

    We’ll announce this week’s winner in this space next Tuesday, and we’ll give a shout-out to our favorites on Facebook and Twitter.

    Last week, a good many of you non-dilettantes stepped up to the plate and gave us some great stories. Choosing a winner was extra tough this time around. Among our favorites were Hal’s “For sale: dilettante’s painting, never shown,” Laura’s alliterative awesomeness, past winner Ava Love’s reference to Strunk & White, and, of course, Jo’s haiku.

    But there can only be one winner–and that winner is Danielle, for the following story, which is a succinct and spot-on representation of the spirit of dilettanteness. Or dilettanteneity. Dilettantitude.

    The dilettante reached for his sword, paused, then let his hand fall. Shrugging, he turned around. The dragon wasn’t important. A drink was.

    Congrats, Danielle. Drop me a line at david[at]writebynight.net to claim your prize.


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    Laura Roberts

    “Your specious arguments, Mr. Romney, will not stand,” said Barack Obama. 100% of voters agreed, and re-elected the best man for the job.

    Alex Bleach

    She had a specious look about her, but her orgasms were as fake as her eyelashes.


    She awoke in his bed. He gazed at her and said, “I already love you.”

    “You’re being specious.”

    “No, I’m not. I’m making you pancakes.”


    He watched in bewilderment as the crowd enthusiastically cheered the politician.  “What are you cheering for?”, he thought, “the specious prick spoke for an entire hour without actually saying or promising anything!”

    Silver Cade

    I’ve a great love of being facetious
    Even whimsical, flighty, capricious
    It’s no problem for me
    If the joke you don’t see
    And buy into a tale which is specious

    S Pruett

    His note read, “Darling, you’re so specious to me.” She ended the affair. The wrong word will do it every time.


    Dorothy’s discovery of the specious capabilities of the Wizard was disheartening, but her belief in the auspicious advice from Glinda, took her home.

    Jake Reilly

    The apple’s outward appearance proved specious; biting into it was like biting into oatmeal. Such is life: A specious fruit.

    (extra points for using the word twice?)


    He looked up from his newspaper. “I’ll allow this, my dear, your argument is not wrong, merely specious. Why are you holding that suitcase?”

    Laura Perna

    Gerard was quick to judge. “All glitter. No substance. Your look is specious. Next!”

    “It’s called drag, idiot,” Fantastica muttered on her way out.


    The corner of his mouth turned upward, the pleased expression of knowing that his specious ramblings and apologies had secured his marriage one more day.

    Richard A. Acosta

    The meal was specious at best. He only had to force down a few more bites. It wasn’t her cooking he was interested in.

    Ava Love

    “I can’t shave, the team needs me!” he said, his specious logic insisting his handlebar mustache caused the winning streak.
    Our divorce was finalized Friday.

    Dacia Rivers

    I’d considered his reputation specious, but threw caution to the wind. Now locked in a cell in his basement, I regretted my earlier decision.

    […] Last week, 14 of you submitted some very (non?) specious fiction, and choosing a winner was almost as tough as … well, being the winner. Points to: Laura for being topical; Ava and Dacia for making us laugh; Alex for boldly flouting the rules (32 words); and S. Pruett for the wordplay. […]


    After many years of hidden infiltration on Earth, the highly advanced alien species were left dumbfounded by the specious nature of religion and its followers.

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