• Micro Fiction Challenge: Fizzle

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    FizzleFor this special Fourth of July edition of the Micro Fiction Challenge, I wanted to do something related to fireworks: sparkle or colors or pop or boom. But I also appreciate those moments when the firework screams up into the air and then … does nothing. It fizzles out. And the crowd lets out a collective groan of disappointment. Like, “Who the hell is responsible for this outrage!”

    Today, you are responsible for this outrage! Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to write a short story, in twenty-five words or fewer, that includes the word “fizzle.”

    Be funny, be creative, be bold. Make us laugh, make us cry. Make us do both, if you can.

    Leave your micro fiction in the comments section below. Use a pseudonym if you’re shy. Click “Notify” to follow the competition. Enter as many times as you’d like.

    And there’s a prize! We still (and almost always) have a massive pile of books to give away, so the winner of this week’s contest gets to choose two titles from our list. The Micro Fiction Challenge will close one week from today.

    Don’t fizzle out, gang. Make us ooh and aah.


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