• Micro Fiction Challenge: Break of Poop

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    poopLet’s do some writing and win some prizes, shall we?

    I sure hope your 2016 writing resolution is getting its butt kicked by you (passive voice!). Mine is not. Work is piling up, there’s TV to watch, the dog keeps barking in my face. And my novel collects dusty, dusty dust.

    I am back in the writing rut I thought I’d wrestled myself out of.

    If you’re in the same jam, let’s see if we can’t help you bust out of it by writing some short fiction. I mean, like, short, short, short fiction. Might I even call it micro fiction?

    That’s right, WriteByNighters! Back by popular demand … the Micro Fiction Challenge! Which you already know, because obviously you’ve seen the title before reading this far. Sad trombone.

    For those unfamiliar with this long-dormant game, I throw out a weird word or term I’ve stumbled across, and your task is to write a short story, in twenty-five words or fewer, that includes the word/term.

    The weird term for this edition of the Micro Fiction Challenge is “break of poop.” Which, as you can see from the shot I took of the Merriam-Webster page, means “The end of the poop towards the waist.”


    I think this is a nautical term. But do with it what you will.

    Be funny, be creative, be bold. No holds barred. Use a pseudonym if you’re shy. Click “Notify” to follow the competition. Multiple entries allowed.

    And yes! There’s a prize! A hot-off-the-presses hardcover copy of Yann Martel’s new novel, The High Mountains of Portugal. Mailed straight to your door.

    The winner is chosen by a panel made up of me. Make me laugh. Make me cry.

    Actually, if you can make me cry by using “break of poop” in a story with only twenty-two other words, I’ll give you every book we own. And I’ll deliver them to your door myself. And we’ll become BFFs forever. That’s right: best friends forever forever.

    Happy poop-breaking, friends! Have at it.


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    Alex Jackson

    “I’ve been working from the break of dusk ’til the break of poop,” he said.
    “The what?!” she said.
    “I’m pooped,” he said.

    (You have my address; send the book whenever)

    Yi Shun Lai

    i don’t have anything special to add. i just want to notate how much i love the idea of breaking the poop.

    Jess Davis

    Boss-man poked his head into my office. “That’s your third break of poop today. One more, I dock your pay.”

    “Stop rhyming, idiot,” I replied.


    The monster’s tail rose from stormy waves to smash the break of poop, splitting aft from mizzen and my love from all hope of reunion.

    Resa Alboher

    “Break the poop or we’ll lose the election.”
    “I think we are losing anyway.”
    “Never say never– just break it!”
    “Ok, it’s broken. Now what?”

    Mel Daniels

    The wave broke over the break of poop, cascading toward the end of the poop toward the waist. “Shit,” he said. “There goes the poop.”

    Allen Hoven

    He said, “I’ve been up since the break of … the break of … poop, what’s the word?”
    “Dawn,” said Dawn. “You always forget my name.”

    Betty G.

    This is a tough one! How long do we have to enter? Everyone already
    Made the joke that came to my mind first. I want that
    Book though! And I want to write a poopie story.

    Wendy Stoll

    “Here!” The captain called
    to his three-legged dog.
    Daisy ran then slipped and
    slid off the break of poop,
    never to be seen again.


    “we’re breaking up,” she said.
    “of poop,” he said.
    “a clean break.”
    “of poop.”
    “that’s exactly why.”
    “of poop.”
    “stop saying ‘of poop.'”
    “of poop.”


    Interesting. I boiled forty spaghetti strands, tied the cooked noodles together and then sucked them all up. Next morning, not a single break of poop.


    What measure of valiant heart to deliver victorious word: eight leagues be Pheidippides from Marathon; pooped out, he fell, death became his break of poop.

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