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    AbsquatulateSince we announced last week that WriteByNight is leaving Austin, we figured that our next Micro Fiction Challenge should reference the move. And “absquatulate” has always been one of my favorites. Just say it aloud three or four times. Absquatulate. Absquatulate. Absquatulate. It’s so much fun, innit?

    Absquatulate means to flee, to abscond, to depart in a hurry. It can be used with an object: “WriteByNight is absquatulating with our hearts.” Or it can be used without an object: “WriteByNight isn’t really absquatulating … they’re still open until November 7th!”

    It can only mean to die, or to argue. I’ve never heard it used in either of those ways, but hey, I’m not going to argue with the dictionary. Not again.

    So. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to write a piece of flash fiction using the word absquatulate in any of the ways mentioned above. As always, keep your story to 25 words or less, write it out in the comments section below, click “Notify” to keep abreast of your competition, and feel free to use a pseudonym if you’re shy. Your story doesn’t have to make us laugh, but funny is money. We’ll announce the winner in this space soon, and we’ll give a shout-out to our favorites on Facebook and Twitter.

    And no fear, friends! We may be relocating, but this blog isn’t going anywhere, and neither is the Micro Fiction Challenge.

    As we’ve mentioned, we’re having a book fire sale at WBN for the next month. Winner of this week’s challenge gets to drop by and pick ten freebies. Nerdy incentive!

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    Humphrey B. Bardem

    The word absquatulate, he thought, was on par with W’s other hick constructions, such as bustify, strategery and misunderestimate, and therefore beyond the literary pale.

    Beth Cortez-Neavel

    The alcohol spent, Thanksgiving suddenly became boring. Lisa knew she could not absquatulate with all the spinach mini-quiches without anyone noticing. Maybe half?


    I told my wife to absquatulate by suppertime. Came home and found her in a leotard: smiling, sweating, barbells in hand.


    He was fond of pompously asking to use the latrine, so the class erupted when the teacher asked why he needed to absquatulate so quickly.

    J Stevenson

    I was still married to my first husband when Elvis died; if I’d only known then, I’d have asked him to absquatulate with me.

    brandon p

    Knock knock Who’s there Absquatulate Absquatulate who Absquatulate I didn’t say Banana. Pardon me while I absquadulate.

    brandon p

    Knock knock Who’s there Absquatulate Absquatulate who Absquatulate I didn’t say Banana. Pardon me while I absquatulate.

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