• Manuscript Critique

    Finished a draft of your first chapter, your full book, or other writing project? A manuscript critique is ideal if you need fresh eyes on your writing.

    Your WriteByNight coach will read your work and provide detailed written commentary throughout. Then we’ll meet with you to discuss what’s working, what isn’t, and why.

    Better yet, it’s an interactive discussion, not a one-way lecture. Pick your coach’s brain to get all of your questions answered, whether about the book itself, its best path to publication, or any of the steps in between.

    We consider large craft issues such as plot, structure, setting, characterization, point of view, voice, and style, as well as small issues such as consistency, repetition, and descriptive details.



    • Preliminary Q&A to determine your needs, goals, preferences, and expectations
    • Full read-through of the manuscript
    • Detailed editorial feedback and commentary throughout the manuscript
    • Meeting to review and discuss the work completed


    $45/hr. for critique + $99/hour for meeting

    Request a free consultation today to receive your manuscript critique.


    And while we’re arranging our consultation, read our nearly 100 five-star Google reviews, many of them from satisfied critique clients.

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