• Kentucky Resources for Writers

    Here you’ll find a collection of resources for writers in Kentucky, from conferences to local critique groups to literary magazines. If you’re looking for writing groups near you, writing workshops near you, creative writing classes near you, or simply a place to hang out with writers or submit your work, these are some Kentucky writing organizations you might want to check out:



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    Heartland Review Press

    Publishes a biannual journal (fiction, nonfiction, poetry) and offers a poetry prize and chapbook contest, supported by the Elizabethtown Community & Technical College.


    Kentucky Author Forum

    The University of Louisville Kentucky Author Forum is a nonprofit, nationally-recognized literary event. It is dedicated to showcasing renowned authors and interviewers in the Louisville community.


    Kentucky State Poetry Society

    Founded in 1966 by a group of Kentuckians with a love for poetry, among them Jesse Stuart, Kentucky Poet Laureate, who continued to support KSPS until his death in 1984.


    Louisville Romance Writers

    Educating members about the craft of writing and the business of publishing.


    Kentucky Writing Workshop

    A one-day intensive event featuring writing workshops, author readings, and more.


    Poezia Writing Groups

    Poetry and prose writing workshop groups in Lexington, Kentucky.


    Southern Kentucky Book Fest

    Its mission is to encourage reading and the love of books and to be a positive force in promoting literacy in the region and state.


    Help us add to this list, Kentuckians! Do you know of writing groups near you, writing workshops near you, creative writing classes near you, or a Kentucky literary journal we should be aware of? Let us know here