• Georgia Resources for Writers

    Here you’ll find a collection of resources for writers in Georgia, from conferences to local critique groups to literary magazines. If you’re looking for writing groups near you, writing workshops near you, creative writing classes near you, or simply a place to hang out with writers or submit your work, these are some Georgia writing organizations you might want to check out:



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    Georgia Poetry Society

    Welcomes members from anywhere, but quarterly meetings are held in various locations throughout the state of Georgia. The meetings are packed with poetry-related programming, including member readings, featured poets, poetry writing workshops and various talks on poetry-related topics.


    Georgia Press Association

    An organization that protects, promotes, fosters, and advances the interest of the newspaper industry in Georgia.


    Georgia Writers Association

    Works across the state to encourage and strengthen the proficiencies of writers in both the creative and the business aspects of the writing life, through an array of speakers and programs at regular meetings. GWA sponsors writing workshops, conferences, seminars and other events.


    Hambidge Creative Residency Program

    Hambidge provides a residency program that empowers talented artists to explore, develop and express their creative voices. Situated on 600 acres in the mountains of north Georgia, Hambidge is a sanctuary of time and space that inspires artists working in a broad range of disciplines to create works of the highest caliber.


    Margaret Mitchell House

    Designed to honor and preserve the legacy of Margaret Mitchell, visitors can enjoy a variety of programs presented by the Literary Center at the Margaret Mitchell House.


    Northeast Georgia Writers

    The purpose of this writing group is to foster good writing through regular monthly meetings, annual competitions, conferences and the publication of anthologies.


    Sisters in Crime Atlanta

    A local chapter of a national organization for mystery and crime writers, Sisters in Crime Atlanta offers monthly meetings with guest speakers addressing matters such as forensics, the legal process, and even cadaver dogs, as well as hosting webinars and virtual book clubs.


    Help us add to this list, Georgians! Do you know of writing groups near you, writing workshops near you, creative writing classes near you, or a Georgia literary journal we should be aware of? Let us know here