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    Discussion question: No question. Just talk about whatever you want to talk about.


    During this weird time I wanted to run a bunch of discussion posts where we can all keep in touch and talk about specific things like what we’re writing and what we’re reading, and general things like… how we’re making it through this. Find links to the other posts at the bottom of this one.


    For this discussion post, let’s just… discuss.

    I want this to be a space where we can just keep in touch with each other and talk or vent about whatever the hell is on our minds during this lockdown.

    What’s the vibe in your house? Your town or city? Your state? Your country?

    What are the biggest struggles you’re facing right now?

    How are you staying in touch with friends and family?

    What are you doing to stay healthy, physically and mentally?

    What’s making you smile? What’s making you laugh?

    What movies and TV shows are you watching during this weird time?

    How much toilet paper did you stock up on?

    Share your experiences in the comments below. And don’t be afraid to offer some words of support, encouragement, and advice to your fellow WriteByNighters.


    Here are links to our other three discussion posts:

    What we’re writing during this pandemic

    How we’re writing during this pandemic

    What we’re reading during this pandemic

    Stay safe, friends. Stay healthy. Stay home, as much as you can.


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    Barbara Mealer

    I’m opting for the general discussion. Because I and my significant other are out of a job right now, it’s making it so that we are in survival mode. Luckily, I’m one of “those” people who has enough food to last for up to six months. Thing like milk, bread, eggs and anything else that is fresh, I’ll have to get. I learned when I lived in FL to have at least 3 weeks of food on hand that you could fix. I also learned to keep cash on hand because if your card doesn’t work, you have no access… Read more »

    adrien leslie
    adrien leslie

    My favorite short read was yesterday’s google logo of Ignaz Semmelweis who pioneered hand washing for doctors. Just seeing his name took me to the day my father finished reading a fictionalized version of his life (The Cry and the Covenant) and handed it off to 8-year-old me. Although sad and far from girly, I gobbled up the tragic story. I haven’t thought of the book or the doctor in years, but the logo reminded me the significance of sharing books and more important; the sharing of good reads between parent and child.

    Elissa Malcohn
    Elissa Malcohn

    My partner and I are hunkered down but not stressed out. We’re into problem-solving mode, like employing power strips that we can work with our feet. In the absence of hand sanitizer on store shelves, I made DIY sanitizer. (Bottom line: make sure the mixture has at least 60% isopropyl alcohol. That means getting 91% alcohol and mixing two parts of that to one part of aloe gel. My store was also out of aloe gel so I used aloe lotion; all it means is that I shake the mixture thoroughly before I apply it.) Since I’m the one doing… Read more »


    Live long and prosper! I love that. I think I will start using that too. I have some Spock ears I bought for Halloween once; maybe I’ll wear those too.


    What’s making me smile lately is the duo Glenn and Ronan, I discovered this up and coming duo from Ireland while sending musical St. Patrick’s greetings to my family. Such beautiful voices. Their harmony on The Fields of Athenry was exquisite. I have listened to it about a hundred times. And of course the ballad is medicine for my craving for maudlin. What’s making me laugh: Stephen Colbert. What will get us through–small kindnesses and new connections. My niece suddenly lost her day care, which threatens her ability to work, and I mentioned it to my upstairs neighbor, who called… Read more »


    Music, sweet music! I shared this article with my writing group and want to share it with you all too. https://getpocket.com/explore/item/great-writers-on-the-power-of-music?utm_source=pocket-newtab
    It’s great writers writing about music. Inspired me to stop and listen to Ennio Morricone, specifically Gabriel’s Oboe from The Mission. Just… just…. oh, just so… mmm,mmmn,mmmmn! (I don’t know how to spell that word.) Music is calming, healing, evocative, uplifting…

    Cheryl Guillot Jones
    Cheryl Guillot Jones

    I am in Santa Fe, NM near four of my grandchildren. We are in touch with various electronic means, also writing letters instead of email. My daughter is concerned about my potential exposure. While I feel 25 most days, the reality is I am not. It is fortunate I can roam quietly in nature. Take away the shopping and you can find a myriad of other activities. The schools are closed. We are trying to distance learn together. I am an English teacher right now. I am sure many ideas and stories will come from our distancing. Great Courses is… Read more »

    Charles Dikmak
    Charles Dikmak

    COVID Grocery Shopping Went out grocery shopping early: 5:30 a.m.! here is my account: Oh My Goodness, what a sad lot of elderly we are! (present company excluded (you and me)) this was the saddest, most ragtag group of 5:30 a.m. people I have ever seen. The array of alternative homemade PPE (personal protective equipment) was almost comedic, if it wasn’t sad. Folks with their white, and blue, and lilac-colored hair straight on end, crashing their carts and Larks into one another, because elderly men in particular seem to think there’s no one else in the world but them ,… Read more »

    david lemke
    david lemke

    Situation-wise, we’re fine, Three freezers full, a big one and one on each refrigerator. This isn’t because we hoard, we always get stuff on sale, or shop hungry. Sue doesn’t make meal plans so we often over-shop. the pantries are full. I’m retired and Sue is partially retired. I’m sure my investment have taken a hit but if I avoid looking at them, I won’t panic sell although soon I’m going to go in and bargain hunt. We even have plenty of TP because she buys on sales. We’ve been cooped up, watched a few movies, red some books and… Read more »

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