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    What’s Your “Sad Waste of Brains”?

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    Last week at the Writers’ Museum in Edinburgh an object and placard in the Sir Walter Scott section caught my eye: It was a chess set that belonged to Scott, and the accompanying text described the author’s view on chess.

    In essence, he understood the appeal of the game (he’d played it often as a young man), but why, he wondered, would someone spend so much time studying and practicing and playing it when he or she could use that time to instead learn a new language?

    Surely,” he said, “chess-playing is a sad waste of brains.”

    Good thing he didn’t live to see Hungry Hungry Hippos. read more

    Free Download: Time Management Questionnaire

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    Free Download: Time Management QuestionnaireA common question we get at WriteByNight is “How do I find more time to write?” The answer to that is easier than you think, and, as usual, we’re here to nudge you in the right direction with a nifty questionnaire that will set you on the right path.



    Download the Time Management Questionnaire now, or read on to learn more.

    “Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in,” wrote Henry David Thoreau in Walden. Which is all well and good when you live by yourself in a (not-so-) remote cabin in the woods with no day job and no steady obligations, nothing to do but grow your Transcendental facial scruff and compose exhaustive lists of how much barley you harvest.

    So many of us are attracted to the idea of writing in seclusion for months at a time, no clock or calendar, no interruptions, no Google alerts or memos from the boss. But more often than not, the reality is more Overlook Hotel than Walden Pond. read more

    Time Management Tips: Making Time to Read & Write

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    You faithful YouTube subscribers already know that we’ve posted a few new videos, including the following, where Justine lays down the law to those of us who claim we don’t have daily time to get creative.

    Time Management Tips: Making Time to Read & Write


    What are some strategies you use to make sure you read and/or write every single day? What are your most common excuses and rationalizations when you fail?


    On Writing … By Someone Who Doesn’t

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    Image courtesy of Jonno Witts.

    Instead of actually writing on my blog today, I’m going to Write Here (see what I did there?) about how hard it is to write on my blog. See, I have it pretty easy. <— These two lines have been sitting here alone for 10 minutes. During that time I’ve stared at the screen, eaten half a pint of ice cream (Chocolate Fudge Brownie), and answered a few tweets. This is why it’s hard to write on my blog, I guess. Because it’s hard for me to write anything, anywhere. read more