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    Your Inspirational Writing Quote

    Posted Posted by David Duhr in ABCs of Writing     Comments 73 comments

    Discussion questions: If a struggling writer sought a list of inspirational writing quotes and you were on that list, what would be your quote? And in what way(s) does your quote shed light on your approach to your own work? Is there a favorite inspirational writing quote you turn to, or try to keep in mind, when you’re struggling? Let us know in the comments. read more

    The Best Passage You’ve Written in 2019

    Posted Posted by David Duhr in ABCs of Writing     Comments 67 comments

    Discussion questions: What is the best passage you’ve written this year? From fiction to non, poetry to screenplay, even text message or email, have you written anything this year that has made you sit back for a moment and think, “Wow, I’m a talented writer!” And, most importantly, are you willing to share it with us? If so, copy/paste it in the comments below. Provide some context if it’ll help, or let your words speak for themselves. read more

    Your Current No. 1 Writing Obstacle

    Posted Posted by David Duhr in ABCs of Writing     Comments 52 comments

    Discussion questions: What is currently the most prominent obstacle standing between you and your writing goal(s)? Let us know below. read more

    The Perils of Recommending a Beloved Book

    Posted Posted by David Duhr in ABCs of Writing     Comments 93 comments

    Discussion questions: When you recommend a book you love, do you in some ways feel like you’re recommending yourself for approval or disapproval? Are you hesitant to recommend a beloved book, or do you do so without a second thought? How do you feel when the person you’ve recommended it to loves it? Hates it? Is indifferent, or doesn’t even read the damn thing? What is your best experience of recommending a beloved book? Your worst? Tell us about them below. read more

    I Haven’t Written a Word in Six Weeks

    Posted Posted by David Duhr in Inspiration     Comments 52 comments

    Discussion questions: Are you, like me, in a writing lull? What activities have you prioritized over your writing lately? Make a list, like I do below. How do you feel about those decisions? How will you make changes, if necessary? Do you find that your writing time is affected by the seasons? (i.e., do you, like me, write much less in the summer because you’re outside runnin’ around?) Let’s talk about it in the comments. read more

    Why Do We Adults Read Books Intended For Kids?

    Posted Posted by David Duhr in ABCs of Writing     Comments 47 comments

    Discussion questions: How often do you read YA, middle-grade, or younger books? What do you get from them that you maybe don’t get from books intended for adults? Do you feel self-conscious reading such books in public, or do you let your flag fly? Let’s talk about it in the comments below. read more

    Your Childhood Writing

    Posted Posted by David Duhr in ABCs of Writing     Comments 30 comments

    Discussion questions: What were some of your formative childhood experiences with writing? What inspired you (if you remember!) to experiment with writing? Do you see any of your adult self in your juvenilia? If you could go back and give your childhood self one piece of writing advice, what would it be? Let us know in the comments. read more

    Ask Us Anything!

    Posted Posted by David Duhr in ABCs of Writing     Comments 88 comments

    Discussion questions: This is a Reddit-style AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) where you’re invited to ask any writing- or non-writing-related questions of David and/or Justine — who we are, what we’re about, what kind of writing we do and why. Or about WriteByNight itself — how it was founded, its various iterations, why we do it, how we do it. Leave your questions in the comments below. 

    Note: We’re not taking requests for writing advice here. If you need some, we’d be glad to offer you a free consultation. Also, we reserve the right to ignore/remove anything we deem offensive. So it’s more like an “Ask Us (Almost) Anything”; or “Ask Us Anything (Within Reason).” read more

    Your High School Reading List

    Posted Posted by David Duhr in ABCs of Writing     Comments 45 comments

    Discussion question: If you taught (or do teach!) high school English, what books (say up to five) would you assign your senior class, and why? What books do you remember reading for class in high school, and did any of them have any kind of significant impact on your life? Have you reread any of those books as an adult, and how did they hold up? read more

    Random Thoughts About Reading & Death

    Posted Posted by David Duhr in ABCs of Writing     Comments 59 comments

    Discussion questions: Are there any writers whose bibliographies intimidate you, and why? Are there any writers whose entire bibliographies you’ve read?

    How much of your reading consists of rereading? What do you get out of rereading books?

    What percentage of your reading would you say comes from a sense of obligation, a “should,” rather than desire? Where do you think that “should” comes from? read more

    You & Your Library

    Posted Posted by David Duhr in ABCs of Writing     Comments 60 comments

    Discussion questions: What is your current relationship with libraries? What is your past experience with libraries? Do you have a favorite library memory?

    How far are you from a library? What is the best feature of your local/nearest library? The worst? read more

    Learning to Handle Harsh Criticism

    Posted Posted by David Duhr in Strategies     Comments 75 comments

    Discussion questions: What is the harshest external criticism of your writing you’ve ever received, either in public or in private? What was your external reaction, and what was your internal response? How did you move on from it? Does it still bother you? read more

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