• Book Coaching

    Work one-on-one in book coaching to get started on and/or finish your novel, memoir, or other book-length project.

    Your WriteByNight book coach will offer step-by-step guidance by reading and providing editorial feedback on the writing you produce and then meeting with you to discuss how the work may be improved. You’ll produce pages steadily and have a completed manuscript by an agreed-upon date.

    $50/1-hr. meeting + $35/hr. for prep.


    • Preliminary Q&A to learn about your project, and determine your needs and goals
    • Customized plan for completing your book
    • Accountability via deadlines and check-ins
    • Regular exchange of creative writing and professional feedback
    • Regular meetings to discuss feedback


    “David Duhr, my book coach from WriteByNight, thank you for your game-changing notes, spirit-boosting pep talks, and keeping me (mostly) on schedule.” — Michael Ausiello, author of Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies (Simon & Schuster)

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