• Are You Writing? Week of 11.20.17

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    What are your literary goals for this holiday week? They can involve writing, editing, reading… whatever you want to accomplish, let us know below for a little bit o’ public accountability.

    If you’re worried about getting derailed because of Thanksgiving travel plans, maybe you’ll find something helpful in this post that offers strategies for getting your writing done when surrounded by family: “Holidays, Family & Writing.

    If you reached the goals you set last week, give yourself a pat on the back. If you didn’t, can you identify what went wrong, and how to get past it this week?

    In an effort to keep myself honest, I didn’t write much new material last week; maybe a few hundred words, far below my goal of 2,500. But I DID start transferring a lot of old handwritten stuff to the computer, which is a big step for me.

    So I’m counting it as a win!

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    Another 2,500/words per week. This is starting to break into two good writing sessions of about 1200 words each per week (followed by a week of collapse). David, I didn’t answer your question from last week because I had to think it over. I think after I have a really good writing session, which also means after writing a scene for which I feel inspired and know what I want to do with it, my brain needs to think things over subconsciously before I am inspired again. Until that happens. the thought of writing the passages I need to connect… Read more »


    Thanks David! You and Justine have a wonderful Thanksgiving too. Thanks for your support. I will be writing over the holiday.

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