• Are You Writing? Week of 10.9.17

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    “Are You Writing?” is a new weekly space that will allow you to post your writing, editing, and reading goals for the week — in public! for accountability! — and to let us know how you did the week before.

    Anyone remember AccountabiliBuddy!? It’s like that, but with many more partners.

    If y’all like this and find it useful, we’ll do it every week.


    This week:

    What are your literary goals for this week (writing, editing, reading, whatever)? Let us know in the comments.

    Last week:

    Did you hit your goals from last week? If so, good job! If not, what kinds of roadblocks did you run into? Share your experiences below.

    I’m talking to *you*, Jen and John, Lisa and Alia. And anyone else who made goals but didn’t post them.

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    John Liebling

    My main character name is David Sagacious. Editing, after so many months is becoming more of a chore. One way to snap myself out of bleary eyed zombie like state. Have fun with my Thesaurus. For example? I created the following just a few moments ago: David, da derelict descends. HE is not ME. Dependable dreary dementia, demoralizes, and denotes detached derision. Heartbroken harbinger, he heckles his hideous humanity; hemorrhaging hostility; hurricane histrionics, harvesting harrowing, habitual hallucinations – his happiness hibernates. What happens when you are in a reverse writing zone? Slogging through page after hundreds of pages. For the… Read more »

    John Liebling

    Finding myself in a lull, or is that a rut, between ideas about my very long novel and the editing which I am not enjoying, but must be done… I’ve come to a conclusion. My book is actually two books. I don’t believe it is reasonable to assume any publisher would take a chance on a newbie, with a book approximately 700 pages. My first book is already titled…David Sagacious: That’s Life I am going to title the second half of what was the first book…now book #2…David Sagacious: That’s Death And my third book, which I haven’t outlined yet…David… Read more »

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