• Are You Writing? Week of 10.30.17

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    Happy Monday, writers! Are you writing?

    What are your literary goals for this week? (Writing, editing, reading, whatever.) If you want and/or need a little public accountability, share them in the comments.

    Did you reach the goals you set here last week? If so, why not do a little bragging!

    If you didn’t, what kind of roadblocks did you come across, and how will you bust through ’em this week?

    Joan, how did the revisions go and the work on the website? Teresa, Alia, any luck?

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    David Duhr

    Oh yeah, mine are:

    * 2,500 words
    * Transcribe 1 interview
    * Finish Mary Karr’s THE ART OF MEMOIR

    Meryl J.B.

    I am revising three chapters in my novel, and I want to write two poems. Today I did about 45 minutes of work on revisions. So far so good!


    1) Stick with the 2,500 words/week.
    2) Revise Part 1 of my longer story.
    3) Find my handwritten notes and rewrite the beginning of a story which I lost when my hard drive got wiped by a Microsoft update. (ain’t that special?)


    I have begun the revision of my novel armed with a scythe, making a lot of swaths after erasing whole paragraphs. I continued weeding and putting my draft on diet low in adjectives, adverbs… Then I had the fear that my draft was losing weight drastically, would be too thin to make a novel. However, in the editing process, I found that I had overlooked some points that needed developments. Therefore, I am writing here and there new paragraphs. All in all, my production is no longer in negative terms. My novel is not suffering any more from anemia. On… Read more »

    […] you reach the goals you set here last week? If you did, do some boasting and give yourself a pat on the […]

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