• Any Friend of a WriteByNighter


    Hey there, WriteByNighter! Thanks for taking advantage of this awesome opportunity to help yourself and your writer friends. We’re so glad you did.


    So, here’s the deal:

    Tell your friends about us, and for every friend who becomes a coaching client by August 31, you get a free meeting. Each of your friends gets a free meeting, too. That’s a $100 value, and it’s just the beginning because you can invite as many friends as you like.

    As promised, we’ve prepared some materials for you to share with your writer friends and family, anyone you think we can help write more, write better, and accomplish their goals. It’s ready to go and right here on this page. The whole process will take five minutes, tops.


    Claim your FREE MEETINGS in three simple steps:

    1. Open a new email message.
    2. Copy/paste this text into the body of your new message.
    3. Send the email to your friends and family.

    Your job is done. All you do now is sit back, relax, and wait for the FREE meetings to roll in!


    What happens next?

    We’ll be waiting to hear from your friends, and when we do, we’ll schedule a phone call to get to know each and every one of them: their writing backgrounds, interests, needs and goals. There will be no pressure and absolutely no commitment to sign on. If we can help them with their writing, great! If not, we’re just happy for the opportunity to connect.

    Those of your friends who do become WriteByNighters will earn you one free coaching meeting each, and we’ll be sure to let you know when that happens. Your credits ($50/friend) will be applied to your account automatically, and will appear on your next invoice.

    Thanks again, WriteByNighter, for taking us up on this offer. Remember, any friend of a WriteByNighter is a friend of ours.




    Your Email

    Here’s the email to copy/paste and send to your writer friends and family. Of course, feel free to make any changes you like or write your own email if you prefer:


    Hi [my writer friend],

    I’m emailing today to let you know about a writing resource I use that could be really helpful for you, too. It’s a writers’ service called WriteByNight that offers all kinds of support to all kinds of writers, helping them to write more and write better so they can accomplish their goals.

    You can learn more about WBN in this informational packet:

    On the last page, you’ll see that they’re running a promotion in the month of August for some free coaching for me and for you! That sounded to me like a great opportunity to help both of us with our writing, so I thought I’d pass it along.

    There’s no commitment or contract or anything like that. Just some info you might find interesting. I hope it helps!