• Agent/Publisher Total Pitch Package

    You’ve finished writing your book and want to get it published, but you want nothing to do with the process.

    Bring your finished manuscript to WriteByNight and we’ll do everything for you.

    And we do mean everything!

    For your agent/publisher total pitch package, WriteByNight will:

    – Read your book in its entirety
    – Identify the agents and/or publishers it would be a good fit for
    – Write your query letter, synopsis, and (if necessary/relevant) book proposal from scratch
    – Line edit and proofread your sample pages or the entire manuscript

    Then we’ll then submit these finished materials on your behalf, and handle all ensuing correspondence, using a dedicated email address we’ve created.

    Be as involved or uninvolved in the process as you’d like.

    Projects quoted individually

    Request a free consultation to have WriteByNight do it all for you.

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