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    Today we gladly hand over the reins to Marcia Davis, one of the original WBN workshopping crew. Marcia is well on her way to success with her memoir, and wanted to share a few words about how she got started on that path.


    I always had a book in my heart waiting to be placed on paper. I had no clue how to start, or even if I should start. But then I took the WriteByNight creative writing workshop, headed by Justine Tal Goldberg and David Duhr. The rest is history!

    From day one, I felt honored to be there, nurtured for taking the risk and grateful for the lessons taught. From sharing my work, listening to others, reading the carefully selected writing pieces and doing my homework, I began to develop the skills to go after my dream.

    After the workshop I continued on as a private student of Justine’s. For over a year, we worked together as a team. It wasn’t always easy, but I learned many lessons that helped me hone my writing skills (and avoid the evils of the passive voice!).

    The perseverance has culminated in the completion of my memoir, Confessions Of A Childless Woman. Through a carefully worded query letter I’ve already drawn interest from two agents. Next stop, publication!

    Without a doubt, taking that first step with WriteByNight landed me in the position of having my book published and a dream fulfilled.

    I owe so much to Justine and David. And I now have two forever friends.

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