• Please Don't Disturb the Writers

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    Philip Roth writes standing up at a lectern facing a wall. Truman Capote favored motel rooms, and preferred to work lying down. Raymond Carver could often be found scribbling away in his car. When asked in an interview, “Where’s the best place to write?” Dorothy Parker responded, “In your head.”

    WriteByNight wants to know where you write. Better yet, we want to see. Send us a photo of you in your workspace to be featured on our website. Creativity is highly encouraged, as are attitude and attention to detail. Plan your photo carefully: if you wear glasses when you write, wear ‘em. If you use a lucky pen, make sure it’s prominent. If your desk is usually a disaster area, don’t tidy on our account. We want to see you, WriteByNighters, in your natural habitat.

    Email photos to Justine@WriteByNight.net.

    At least 72 dpi, and 1 MB max. And if y’all know what that means, you’re ahead of me.

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