• Your 2018 Writing Accomplishments

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    I was planning on doing our annual writing goals post for this week, but I think I want to push that off to next week and instead allow us all a minute to acknowledge the great things we did in 2018.

    If you set a 2018 literary resolution, did you hit it, or at least make good progress toward it?

    (Maybe you announced it in the comments of 2018’s goals post?)

    Did you grow and improve as a writer? As a reader?

    What was your greatest literary achievement in 2018? The thing you’re most proud of as a writer and/or a reader?

    Let us know in the comments. Bragging is allowed! Even humblebragging. There’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a compliment in public every now and then.

    And make sure to include all relevant links!

    As for me… I’m happy with my 2018 writing output. I wrote more fiction this year than I ever have, and although I didn’t finish my nonfiction book (which was my resolution), I made good progress on it.

    As a reader, I could’ve done better. My volume was down a bit, which is no big deal, but the major disappointment was that I read only one new book in 2018 that moved me in any significant way. I’d like that to change next year. And although it’s mostly out of my hands, reading more books increases my odds, and being more selective will help. But I’ll talk more about that next week in the goals post.

    Now it’s your turn!


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    James M Mcgee

    My biggest accomplishment for the year has been working with WBN and having my three books picked up by a traditional publisher. Couldn’t have done it without WBN.
    Mike McGee

    Joe Giordano

    Amazing. Well done.


    My greatest literary achievement in 2018 was to continue being able to write a book. I was promised publiation due to the content of my story. I had a bad experience with a man who claimed he was a modeling agent. And instead of being offered a job…well, I am not going to get into this much. But the good part of it, is I was given the gift to be able to write about my experience. AND I survived. A I was blessed with two beautiful children too. I am a survivor and grateful for the blessings in my… Read more »

    Stefani Zellmer

    I finished the first draft of my novel and had a story published at The Rumpus. https://therumpus.net/2018/11/between-floors/

    I worked on the story with Steve Adams. Thanks to WBN for referring him to me years ago when I was looking for a writing coach.

    Charles O'Donnell

    Okay, you asked for it:

    – Participated in the Sun Magazine “Into the Fire” writing retreat.
    – Published short stories in three online journals (http://thescriblerus.com/2018/12/donna-swift-charles-odonnell/ , https://www.estheticapostle.com/sport-trim-package-in-ingot-silver , https://www.dreamerswriting.com/stories-poems/moon-window/)
    – Published short stories in two print anthologies (https://www.amazon.com/Fall-Fiction-Anthology-Katherine-Anderson-ebook/dp/B07K1KF9JL/ , http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D5NMY4L)
    – Released my fourth novel, “Shade” (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KNGXJQL)

    Shooting for an even *better* 2019! Keep writing!

    Joe Giordano

    My third novel, Drone Strike, a thriller, will be published by Rogue Phoenix Press, in May 2019. Drone Strike: Karim’s family is killed by a U.S. drone strike in Iraq, collateral damage. The Islamic State in the Levant exploits his rage, recruiting him for a terrorist attack on the U.S., and only Anthony Provati, can stop him. Drone Strike takes you on a fast-paced adventure across the Mediterranean, into Mexico, finally arriving in the States. Drone Strike explores the psychological realities that seduce Karim to commit an act of terror, includes a love story between Moslem Karim and Miriam, a… Read more »


    Great post , I didn’t have any writing accomplishments this year but I hope to next year!

    deb y felio

    Different works were accepted into two print anthologies: Hay(na)ku 15 and Minnie’s Diary. I read and wrote more poetry . Submitted online and had several accepted. Enjoyed rejections by several top tier print journals. Did not get a writer’s site activated. Must do!

    Hans De Leo

    My greatest accomplishment this year is (self) publishing my first science fiction novel, “Another’s Place, Another’s Time.” https://www.amazon.com/Anothers-Place-Time-experience-Changeling-ebook/dp/B07JM1VFQS/ref=pd_ybh_a_5?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=7MGKZEJFAKBCSCXHY38F This has been many years in the making and thanks to a group of other aspiring authors that gave me valuable feedback, so far it’s got a 4.6 rating on Amazon. Woot! I’ve had a FB page for years leading up to this, and started a blog. https://hansdeleo.wordpress.com/ More than that, when other family members read it, they didn’t go “Oh, that’s nice.” They got excited. They said it was better than a lot of the best selling sci-fi out there. They… Read more »

    Robert Zwilling

    After self publishing several poetry e-books with environmental themes I published a near future Earth based science fiction novel.

    Mike R.

    I finished the first draft of my memoir, something I never thought I could do. And I had an essay published in the New York Times, something I would never have thought would happen.

    Barbara Mealer

    I didn’t get my book(s) published as planned. But that is okay. The Prequel for my second book, I just received back from my copy editor and the other is with an editor and I waiting on the cover for the prequel book. What I have accomplished is completing a marketing course which me a direction in marketing (without spending a ton of money I don’t have). I’ve started my plan for the marketing and have been working on the implementation for the last month. I began a course for a 5 year plan to success. I love it as… Read more »

    Carmen Petro

    Fortunate to have been partnered with Nick Courtright to get the fist six books of the Girls Can Do Anything series ready to publish. Book 1 (Gone Fishing) is scheduled to be out on January 15th though Atmosphere Press. I’m looking at the proof copy as I write this. While I wrote these stories a number of years ago when my daughter was only about 7 or 8, I never in a million years thought I would have them refined and ready to publish. Looking to have all six published in 2019 while writing at least six more. My daughter,… Read more »

    Steve Adams

    Hi David and Justine. Your old pal Steve Adams here. As sad as I was to hear about the lit journal, Glimmer Train, closing, I was thrilled to have my essay about it and my relationship with Linda and Susan, its editors, published at The Millions last month. I wanted so badly to let people know GT was shuttering while it was still being published and to help give those two wonderful women a bit of a victory lap. Happy New Year and best of look to you and all WriteByNighters! https://themillions.com/2018/11/beautiful-living-things-a-farewell-to-glimmer-train.html

    Steve Adams

    Thanks, David! Yes I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the folks at the new Story.

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