• Writing Prompt: If You’re Gonna Spew …

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    We heard from a bunch of you who found our last writing prompt to be fruitful. Thanks for passing along your experiences. (And in some cases, your results from the writing prompt!)

    This week let’s have fun with a few words attributed to former OMNI fiction editor Ellen Datlow, who is said to have said this:

    “Never throw up on an editor.”

    Take this in whichever direction you’d like, of course, but the way I rolled with it was to remember a time I did want to throw up on an editor, and then I wrote an imagined scene in which I do so. It was so much fun that I did it again. (One of you knows who you are.)

    Happy writing, writers! As always, feel free to email us your experience, and if you want to share with the whole group, leave your results in the comments section below. (Those of you with a sensitive gag reflex may want to abstain.)

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