• I Need My Space

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    In this week’s reading, King suggests this about a writing atmosphere: “It really needs only one thing: a door which you are willing to shut.”

    Thousands of Starbucks writers would disagree, but what’s your take? Do you need solitude, four sturdy, soundproof walls and a door with a deadbolt? Or can you write on a city bus, or in a crowded restaurant, or at a construction site?

    Tell us about your space.

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    I find I have a hard time concentrating when it’s TOO quiet. Often I write with music on, something instrumental that matches the mood and rhythm of the mood I’m trying to capture. But I have also found that I can get really productive in a Starbucks or a library or any public place that has a lot of background coming and going. It’s like my brain just swims along in all that activity and gets creative. Another favorite place is outdoors, at the beach or in a park, with a notepad and pen rather than a laptop—less temptation to… Read more »

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