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    The two-story house on 2301 Melody Lane is like every other house on Melody Lane, Mediterranean and boxy. The taupe paint is spotless, and the cream accents sweep around the regimented windows and cavernous entry in precise lines. Dark brown barrel tile crowns the roof, untouched as yet by weather or misfortune. Untouched, too, by soot are the two pointed chimneys rising out of the structure, one at each end, perfectly balancing each other, a bit like oversized horns. A whisper of wrought iron fence breaks the sameness of the walls above two garage doors, like brows drifting above sleeping eyes. The lids are made of faux wood that matches the ponderous front door and the color of the roof. In the back, overlooking the perfectly rectangular pool and the perfectly manicured golf course beyond it, is a long row of artless arched windows, some of them doors, that give an impression of the lower jaw of some giant beast. Through them, an interior of tan marble and beige walls is visible, a shining, three-dimensional canvas awaiting the artist’s brush of an interior decorator. All around the house, well-watered greenery is taking root in carefully random patterns and drifting into identical patterns crawling from the houses to either side.

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    Susan, Perhaps I’m reading a bit too much into this since I’m now more familiar with some of your themes and your style, but is your house alive? It would be easier, probably, to guess more along the lines of prosperity and/or newness (“newness”? That’s an awful word, and please don’t ever let me use it again), but there must be some reason for your multiple analogies to facial features. Not to mention the “crawling” greenery. Then there’s the “cavernous entry,” like a giant mouth. I dunno. Your house is a beast. Perhaps within it hides another beast. Something that… Read more »


    Yeah, I’ll go with alive. And possibly blessed, as in untouchable by negative forces?

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